The war between China and the United States Must Be Held

The war between China and the United States Must Be Held

WASHINGTON: China has emerged as a real contender in the US and felt constant tension
in bilateral relations that is why . The South China Sea tensions in the conflict is
being sure of war between the two has grown so much . A former US Army officer has
written authenticity to this threat and has said that “between China and the United
States fight will be the case . ” According to the British newspaper The Daily Star
reported that the US Navy ‘s former Deputy Under Secretary Seth krupsy said in an
article he wrote for the American think tank ” of the Hudson Institute
Krupsy said that “Indian two military super powers over the South China relationship
has grown much more immediate threat of war, which reached buaylng point.” The article
in The American President called on Obama that he the struggle to limit each source
using China’s military power, the war because of the strength of the Chinese military
has two origin. Krupsy that was more “principle of the foreign policy of every state
should be the next president of the United States to force China to respect international
law. Otherwise, we will face a battle with China’s growing military power grows
They also reduce the size of our Navy at a time . Krupsy wrote a blistering attack
on Barack Obama Obama is a big mistake to ignore the growing military power of China

Muslim women in Europe have freedom to take the veil – World News Today


LONDON: European society is in the last decades and Islamophobia are visible accepts
the Islamic way of life is criticized Muslim women in Islamic dress while performing
most broad-minded. Muslim woman by police in France have recently been forced to
bareness on the worldwide protests. Then on brqyny clearly declared illegal and had
set an example for other countries in its favor. After the incident, the first in
Scotland and Canada and Turkey also received official permission to screen the
uniform of policewomen.
Impose secular system in Turkey nearly a century , but have been substantially amended
its constitution last half decade . In 2013 Turkey was granted permission asleep
head and hair , but the face of women in governmental bodies which begin appearing
bahjab female members of the Turkish parliament and ladies police also formally and
officially allowed to take the veil granted . According to a report published by the
Pew Research Center United Kingdom Thirty-nine countries in the world have influence
government on religious clothing , women there . The eighteen of the thirty countries
in Europe .
Almost three-quarters of the countries under a law or policy where women were required
to wear religious clothing to a degree . Some of these laws or policies in the country
and the Reduction of provincial , state or local level . Several European countries
have banned certain forms of religious attire in public places , such as on the
effective prevention mask on the face . France is the first European country to ban
the veil , which was introduced in 2010 . By law, people were not allowed to wear the
hijab or any hidden face .
In 2012, Belgium introduced a law under which it was imposed on the clothes to obscure
the identity of a person in a public place. After allowed to wear clothes according
to the Scottish authorities say the aim of lifting the veil is to increase the
confidence of women police officers, which will encourage women to join the police.
The same happened in Canada posted mountains where women police officers have been
allowed banned hijab. As a result of the decision of the local population will be
able to join the police force. Welcomed the decision by the Muslim community in the
country and is well appreciated.

President Rousseff jylma removed from office after impeachment – World News Today

Brazil's Senate has voted to dismiss the impeachment proceedings against President
Ms Rousseff to them his position . The Vice President Michael tumor is sworn in as
acting president , Ms Rousseff has denied all charges imposed upon them . Brazil 's
first female president, Ms Rousseff 's father was a Bulgarian immigrant . He won 
re- election in 2014 was the second president .
The Senate has eliminated kymuakzy jylma Rousseff's leftist Workers Party's 13-year
rule. 61 senators in the Senate impeachment, while 20 voted against impeachment. 
At the end of his presidency, Brazil's vice president and rival party, the 
Conservative Party leader Michael tumor will remain president until January 2019.
Rousseff was accused of corruption in contracts, while it was once accused of 
manipulation in the budget. He denied that the hyn.jylma declared Senate 
parliamentary revolt against him, says huyyan addressing his supporters that they 
are innocent and I will meet again with the public.

Founder of the Boeing 747 has been died in 95 years old – Word News Today

Founder of the Boeing 747 has been died in 95 years old - Word News Today

New York Straas was in charge of the engineering team of
the 1960s was achieved in 747 died in aviation engineer
who played a key role in making the Boeing 747 aircraft
by 95 years old Street . Said Ray Conner , head of 
Boeing 's commercial aircraft business is not only the 
straas but also a beacon thy.buyng Boeing 747 for the 
Aerospace industry , which started flying long distances,
first made in the year 1969 while the first commercial 
flight took off in the year 1970.
He was in charge of the passengers were maintained 
until 2007, when the position of the aircraft to Air 
Bus A 308 ly.str its engineering team which won its 
place in the 747 in the 1960s . Street and his team , 
who were born in the 29 months to create the world's 
largest ship ankrydyblz or incredible street address 
given tha.ju March 1921 the US city of Seattle. 
He started his job at Boeing aeronautical engineering 
study during the summer holidays in the year 1940.
Listen nineteen hundred and eighty-six regular job 
after four decades he retired from Boeing , but they 
also serve as a consultant in the Rogers commission 
rhy.anhun associated company of the Challenger space 
shuttle accident in 1986 were investigated 

Viewing the policy change or we will be killed -Voice of american Couple – World News Today

Viewing the policy change or we will be killed -Voice of american Couple - World News Today.

KABUL : A video scene , an American -Canadian couple who were kidnapped by the Taliban appeared , in which they ask their governments to put pressure on Kabul . The couple was kidnapped four years ago . In this video it is connected to the Washington and Ottawa urged governments to exert pressure to abandon the policy of the death penalty Taliban officials in Kabul . Joshua Boyle Canadian citizen was kidnapped in 2012 and his American wife, Caitlin Coleman , when they were on holiday in Afghanistan.Coleman was pregnant at the time of the abduction reports and their two sons . Two and a half minutes long , saying that the kidnappers are linked to their peers for fear of being arrested and sentenced them to death and afraid . Coleman is saying in this video that gives Kabul as Taliban fighters have been captured and executed them ( hostages ) will be killed . US State Department spokesman John Kirby said the investigation uncovered facts about this so it’s real.He added that the US government is very concerned about the safety of the couple and for this purpose it is in high-level contacts with the permanent Afghan and Pakistani officials, human sympathy for the family that is trying based on the soon to be released. it is not yet clear when the video was made. There are also reports that Kabul soon Anis Haqqani, son of the founder of the pro-Taliban Afghanistan is to be put to death. Kabul has so far declined to comment on the rumor. Now was recently Ghani extremism was announced strict measures to overcome, after which six Taliban fighters hung on the board at the beginning of May.

Deputy Prime Minister on the death penalty “insulting” in North Korea – World News Today

Deputy Prime Minister on the death penalty insulting in North Korea World News Today

SEOUL: South Korea says North Korea had executed a deputy prime minister to abusive 
behavior in their leader Kim Jong Un's meeting chaired given, while 2 had the banished
as punishment for government officials went. The end of 2011 in order to take power 
after the death of his father Kim Jong still maintain his authority to the senior 
officials decline. AFP news agency said Seoul's Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong 
Jun told the same briefing, Deputy Education Minister Kim Jin was sentenced to death.
Another official said on condition of anonymity , was killed by firing squad in July 
at a party anti -revolutionary 'status ' . The official told reporters , " The North 
Korean parliament destination session, Kim Jong Un , who was sentenced to sit in the 
wrong way , who were sitting under the rostrum , then to have this matter investigated 
them revealed that they were involved in other crimes . The newspaper earlier reported 
that Jong Ang Albu convicted a senior official of the Department of Education , the 
official name was something different

It was further reduced arrested on the spot by asking the Ministry of State Security 
newspaper said, citing sources. 2 According to the Unification Ministry and other key 
officials have been forced to leave the city. Kim Yong Chol one of them, who was in 
charge of International Affairs and kuryyn espionage activities against South Korea. 
Kim, 71, a military intelligence officer, who was considered the mastermind of cyber 
attacks by North Korea against South Korea. Is imposed on the accused by South Korea 
that he had drowned a warship to South Korea in 2010. Reduce the use of "arrogance" 
and "power, according to a government official in July, was sent to a farm for a month 
as punishment.

Lady Diana left this world 19 years have passed – World News Today

Lady Diana left this world 19 years have passed - World News Today

LONDON : engaging smile and beauty of the millions of hearts beat a British Princess Diana while leaving the world 19 years have passed , but the death of the Diana victims of conflict and controversy , and his death remains a mystery today

Prominence Princess Lady Diana wanted to touch a sympathetic heart , an open eye in
 the house of England's July 1961 became the bride of Prince Charles and Diana on 
August 29 , 1981 . British royal family to become part of fashion and Princess Diana
 were of the most unique and attractive personality , beauty in his covenant. 
Besides the obvious qualities, Diana will always be remembered for his welfare.
Diana hope of life for people with cancer , children in Europe , Africa or Asia , 
I homeless , disabled or suffering from any illness , poor people are always the 
center of attention of Lady Diana.
After the birth of Prince William and Prince Harry was a thaw in relations between 
Charles and Diana , in August 1996 , causing the separation of polytheism. Lady Diana 
also went to Pakistan at the invitation of Pakistan in 1995 and 1997 they visited 
Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
After separation from Prince Charles to Lady Diana had many ups and downs in life 
and then lose their lives in traffic accident in Paris , capital of France on 31 
August 1997 .

US announces peace talks with India , Afghanistan , Pakistan Ignore – World News Today

US announces peace talks with India , Afghanistan , Pakistan Ignore

New Delhi : The US has asked Pakistan to announce a trilateral dialogue with India and Afghanistan for the peace process in Afghanistan should not feel themselves isolated .

 US Secretary of State John Kerry announced his Indian counterpart India project ,
 trilateral talks between Afghanistan and the US addressing a press conference along
 with Sushma Swaraj in Delhi.
He said Pakistan will not feel isolated themselves from the carnage States,
 tripartite talks between India and Pakistan in New York next month . He said
that hope is not distinct from that of Pakistan as a country, but it will also 
encourage him . AFP The US and India have once again called on Pakistan to announce
the strengthening of bilateral ties , he should take steps to eliminate militant 
groups operating from its territory.
Kerry became part of a coalition of other countries urged Pakistan to deal with the
terrorists in its territory . He condemned all forms of terrorism and said that those
responsible should be brought to justice for the Mumbai attacks and Pathankot . 
He can not differentiate between good and bad terrorists . Terrorism also terrorism,
 wherever and do. He said that the US government needs to communicate clearly with 
all the countries of the region should take steps against terrorism outbreak in the
country . He had raised the matter with Prime Minister Carey said . The BBC 's John
Kerry said the United States supports all efforts to reach kyfrkrdar those who 
attacked Mumbai and Pathankot.
He said the last time Pakistan takes action against groups like the Haqqani network
more strongly . Kerry said that terrorism is against America and India are two
countries agreed to exchange information and against the terrorists, the same
thinking . Kerry said that the United States needs energy to build 6 nuclear power
plant in India to meet . The two sides will also discuss cooperation to improve
The Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj alleged once again that Pakistan
was providing safe havens for terrorists . He said the border had discussed the issue
 of terrorism assistance to Pakistan and the US agree with the stand of India 
terrorists can not be differentiated in the good or in the bad category and about 
the terrorism no country can not have double standards . The United States on 
terrorism agree with India 's position.
He also said that he repeated that Pakistan should stop providing safe havens to 
terrorists on its territory . He also thanked the US support for membership in 
the Nuclear Suppliers Group . Officials from both countries said that they have a 
contract for intelligence cooperation . We have agreed on additional measures to 
improve counterterrorism cooperation Sushma Swaraj said.
That does not increase tensions with India Pakistan the question of resumption of 
dialogue with Pakistan Sushma Swaraj said . We have told Pakistan that we want to 
solve problems through dialogue but they have thwarted the steps that we have taken.
He said that negotiations are only possible against those responsible for the action.
Earlier, the militants agreed to exchange information , including commercial and 
strategic dialogue between the US and India in Delhi.
Security , economic cooperation and India power goals between two leaders discussed
new technologies for the entire supply . AFP The United States and India are willing
to take the bilateral trade increased from $ 100 billion to $ 500 billion . John Kerry
and US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker , United States India arrived in Delhi on
Tuesday to participate in the second round of strategic and commercial negotiations.
He will also meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

EU attacks mastermind killed in Syria – World News Today

EU attacks mastermind killed in Syria - World News Today
Syria's alleged mastermind and senior leader of Islamic terrorist attacks in various
countries, including Europe, have been killed in US air strikes in Syria albab Abu
Mohammad Al-Adnan.
According to the US Department of Defense during the Allied air raid in the Syrian 
city albab militant group targeted a senior Islamic leaders. Now is reviewing the 
targets obtained in the attack, and it can not be confirmed, but it killed a leader 
of the Islamic State is a huge blow.
The aamaq linked to Islamic news agency confirmed the death of Abu Mohammad aladnany 
in action. The statement issued by the Islamic State have been killed in the Syrian 
city albab.

Largest Country Of Asia INDIA becomes fourth country to successfully test launch scramjet engine

India becomes fourth country to successfully test launch scramjet engine

SRIHARIKOTA: Asian Largest Country India on Sunday became the fourth country to with success check launch a scramjet engine, The Hindu rumored.India becomes fourth country to successfully test launch scramjet engine

The check flight, that represents associate milestone within the ISRO’s efforts relating to its future house facility, occurred at the Sathish Dhawan house Centre launch pad.

The purpose of the Indian house analysis Organisation’s (ISRO) experimental mission is that the realisation of associate activity system that utilises gas fuel associated O from the atmosphere as an chemical agent.

The scramjet engines facilitate cut back launch prices by scaling down on the number of chemical agent that has to be carried in conjunction with the fuel.

An ISRO official told Indian wire service IANS that the 2 activity engines snuggling a complicated Technology Vehicle rocket ordinarily begin respiratory air once the rocket reaches a height of eleven kilometres.

The ISRO aforementioned, “With this flight, essential technologies akin to ignition of activity engines at supersonic speed, holding the flame at supersonic speed, air intake mechanism and mechanical system systems are with success incontestible.”