Deputy Prime Minister on the death penalty “insulting” in North Korea – World News Today

Deputy Prime Minister on the death penalty insulting in North Korea World News Today

SEOUL: South Korea says North Korea had executed a deputy prime minister to abusive 
behavior in their leader Kim Jong Un's meeting chaired given, while 2 had the banished
as punishment for government officials went. The end of 2011 in order to take power 
after the death of his father Kim Jong still maintain his authority to the senior 
officials decline. AFP news agency said Seoul's Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong 
Jun told the same briefing, Deputy Education Minister Kim Jin was sentenced to death.
Another official said on condition of anonymity , was killed by firing squad in July 
at a party anti -revolutionary 'status ' . The official told reporters , " The North 
Korean parliament destination session, Kim Jong Un , who was sentenced to sit in the 
wrong way , who were sitting under the rostrum , then to have this matter investigated 
them revealed that they were involved in other crimes . The newspaper earlier reported 
that Jong Ang Albu convicted a senior official of the Department of Education , the 
official name was something different

It was further reduced arrested on the spot by asking the Ministry of State Security 
newspaper said, citing sources. 2 According to the Unification Ministry and other key 
officials have been forced to leave the city. Kim Yong Chol one of them, who was in 
charge of International Affairs and kuryyn espionage activities against South Korea. 
Kim, 71, a military intelligence officer, who was considered the mastermind of cyber 
attacks by North Korea against South Korea. Is imposed on the accused by South Korea 
that he had drowned a warship to South Korea in 2010. Reduce the use of "arrogance" 
and "power, according to a government official in July, was sent to a farm for a month 
as punishment.