Lady Diana left this world 19 years have passed – World News Today

Lady Diana left this world 19 years have passed - World News Today

LONDON : engaging smile and beauty of the millions of hearts beat a British Princess Diana while leaving the world 19 years have passed , but the death of the Diana victims of conflict and controversy , and his death remains a mystery today

Prominence Princess Lady Diana wanted to touch a sympathetic heart , an open eye in
 the house of England's July 1961 became the bride of Prince Charles and Diana on 
August 29 , 1981 . British royal family to become part of fashion and Princess Diana
 were of the most unique and attractive personality , beauty in his covenant. 
Besides the obvious qualities, Diana will always be remembered for his welfare.
Diana hope of life for people with cancer , children in Europe , Africa or Asia , 
I homeless , disabled or suffering from any illness , poor people are always the 
center of attention of Lady Diana.
After the birth of Prince William and Prince Harry was a thaw in relations between 
Charles and Diana , in August 1996 , causing the separation of polytheism. Lady Diana 
also went to Pakistan at the invitation of Pakistan in 1995 and 1997 they visited 
Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
After separation from Prince Charles to Lady Diana had many ups and downs in life 
and then lose their lives in traffic accident in Paris , capital of France on 31 
August 1997 .