The war between China and the United States Must Be Held

The war between China and the United States Must Be Held

WASHINGTON: China has emerged as a real contender in the US and felt constant tension
in bilateral relations that is why . The South China Sea tensions in the conflict is
being sure of war between the two has grown so much . A former US Army officer has
written authenticity to this threat and has said that “between China and the United
States fight will be the case . ” According to the British newspaper The Daily Star
reported that the US Navy ‘s former Deputy Under Secretary Seth krupsy said in an
article he wrote for the American think tank ” of the Hudson Institute
Krupsy said that “Indian two military super powers over the South China relationship
has grown much more immediate threat of war, which reached buaylng point.” The article
in The American President called on Obama that he the struggle to limit each source
using China’s military power, the war because of the strength of the Chinese military
has two origin. Krupsy that was more “principle of the foreign policy of every state
should be the next president of the United States to force China to respect international
law. Otherwise, we will face a battle with China’s growing military power grows
They also reduce the size of our Navy at a time . Krupsy wrote a blistering attack
on Barack Obama Obama is a big mistake to ignore the growing military power of China