Muslim women in Europe have freedom to take the veil – World News Today


LONDON: European society is in the last decades and Islamophobia are visible accepts
the Islamic way of life is criticized Muslim women in Islamic dress while performing
most broad-minded. Muslim woman by police in France have recently been forced to
bareness on the worldwide protests. Then on brqyny clearly declared illegal and had
set an example for other countries in its favor. After the incident, the first in
Scotland and Canada and Turkey also received official permission to screen the
uniform of policewomen.
Impose secular system in Turkey nearly a century , but have been substantially amended
its constitution last half decade . In 2013 Turkey was granted permission asleep
head and hair , but the face of women in governmental bodies which begin appearing
bahjab female members of the Turkish parliament and ladies police also formally and
officially allowed to take the veil granted . According to a report published by the
Pew Research Center United Kingdom Thirty-nine countries in the world have influence
government on religious clothing , women there . The eighteen of the thirty countries
in Europe .
Almost three-quarters of the countries under a law or policy where women were required
to wear religious clothing to a degree . Some of these laws or policies in the country
and the Reduction of provincial , state or local level . Several European countries
have banned certain forms of religious attire in public places , such as on the
effective prevention mask on the face . France is the first European country to ban
the veil , which was introduced in 2010 . By law, people were not allowed to wear the
hijab or any hidden face .
In 2012, Belgium introduced a law under which it was imposed on the clothes to obscure
the identity of a person in a public place. After allowed to wear clothes according
to the Scottish authorities say the aim of lifting the veil is to increase the
confidence of women police officers, which will encourage women to join the police.
The same happened in Canada posted mountains where women police officers have been
allowed banned hijab. As a result of the decision of the local population will be
able to join the police force. Welcomed the decision by the Muslim community in the
country and is well appreciated.