President Rousseff jylma removed from office after impeachment – World News Today

Brazil's Senate has voted to dismiss the impeachment proceedings against President
Ms Rousseff to them his position . The Vice President Michael tumor is sworn in as
acting president , Ms Rousseff has denied all charges imposed upon them . Brazil 's
first female president, Ms Rousseff 's father was a Bulgarian immigrant . He won 
re- election in 2014 was the second president .
The Senate has eliminated kymuakzy jylma Rousseff's leftist Workers Party's 13-year
rule. 61 senators in the Senate impeachment, while 20 voted against impeachment. 
At the end of his presidency, Brazil's vice president and rival party, the 
Conservative Party leader Michael tumor will remain president until January 2019.
Rousseff was accused of corruption in contracts, while it was once accused of 
manipulation in the budget. He denied that the hyn.jylma declared Senate 
parliamentary revolt against him, says huyyan addressing his supporters that they 
are innocent and I will meet again with the public.